Finding your tanks may be difficult at times, here is a list of suggestions you may try.
1. You may have risers on your tank, look for concrete or plastic lids already above the soil in your yard. If these are present that is where your tanks are located.

2. Call the local health department and see if they have a map of your system, sometimes they are very detailed and other times they are not. They are usually helpful.

3. If you have an idea of the location of your tank you may want to use a probe to push into the ground and see if you hit it. I have seen septic tanks 1 inch under the ground to several feet. If your tanks are shallow you should see the snow melt there in the winter or grass die in the summer.

4. Contact the past owners or the current neighbors and ask if they know where it is.

5. Call Family Flush Service and we will come and try to locate it using our probe and our past experience of tank location.

6. Contact a local plumber who is able to flush or run a tracking device to locate the tanks.

7. Contact a local escavating company and they can usually find them and dig them up.

Finding Your Tank or Tanks

Family Flush Septic


      Finding your tanks is not always easy, if you are currently living in a home and do not know where your lids are located you should locate them before you have a problem that will require access to your tanks. To often people call once they are having problems and we arrive and cannot find the tanks by probing, plumbers and contractors  often can't respond that day and the homeowner cannot use there water for a few days. Remember, it is very important as a homeowner to know the location of your lids on your tanks. We could all be one flush away from backing up.